Gerrings Car Wash en Wayzata, MN (2022)


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+1 952-473-4535

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1405 Wayzata Blvd E, Wayzata, MN, 55391

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Horario local (Wayzata) 8:00 martes, 6 de septiembre de 2022

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14 opiniones sobre Gerrings Car Wash

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Ty S.

Tu valoración: 5
Wayzata, MN

Attendant found 20 bucks crammed under my seat and walked it over to me. I was impressed with the wash as well as their integrity.

Greg R.

Tu valoración: 5
Hopkins, MN

Best car wash in Wayzata, and tied with Mister Car Wash 5 miles to the East in Western Minneapolis. Lots of machinery that is well-​maintained, the people are courteous and do a nice job. A filthy car will come out looking great.

Chris W.

Tu valoración: 3
Plymouth, MN

After a long roadtrip, I tried the gas station carwash to get the bugs off my windshield and the front of the car. The gas station wash had zero effect, so I decided to try Gerrings.
Upon driving up, I had no idea what to do or where to go, and the guys weren’t really helpful. They directed me into the bay, but that was it. It was kind of awkward, I didn’t know which wash to select, or to leave my keys in the car or what. It seemed to take a lot of back and forth to figure this out. Could be intimidating for someone new. They need better signage. Like a sign with steps, i.e. — Drive Up, Leave your Keys in the ignition, Tell your service team member which wash you want, Head inside to pay and wait for your car. Directions like that would have been super helpful.
Anyway, I watched my car go through the wash and paid. There was no spot to tip on the receipt, and there was a tip jar at the end. I would have tipped had I had cash on me, or if there was a spot on the receipt to do so, but it didn’t work out like that.
As for the results, my trunk was soaked with water. This has never happened at any other car wash. My car is almost brand new and the door and trunk seals are in good shape. Unless there were unusually high water pressure used, There should be no way for water to penetrate back there. I’m pretty sure its from the drying crew who opened all the doors and the trunk to wipe down the seams (which is a nice idea), maybe they opened it too soon and water rushed down there? I don’t know how it happened but for some reason my whole trunk was wet (I opened it to retrieve a chamois to do some quick interior cleaning and dusting on my own in the parking lot afterword). Deducting a star for that.
I don’t know that I’d do a lot of repeat business here. I tend to wash my car at the gas station with every single fill-​up so I don’t really ever get to the point that I need full on service like this, but if I do I’ll probably try them again.

Babs J.

Tu valoración: 4
Minneapolis, MN

I’m not a fan of dropping $ 25 on a car wash, but I decided to suck it up after my last road trip. The line can be long, but it moved pretty fast. Waiting also gave me the chance to review their menu. I chose «The Appearance» — after all, we ARE in Wayzata.
When I arrived, my car looked like I just got off the set of an Alfred Hitchcock killer bug movie. I felt like apologizing to the guy when I handed over my car. I explained Kansas was having a bumper crop of cicadas. I got a smile and he asked if I wanted my SUV trunk vacuumed. Yes. I’d like that.
I went inside to view my car while it went through the impressive and mighty car wash. It was then I realized the trunk vacuum is an up charge. Lame.
My car emerged all bright and shiny. The employees wiped it down super fast and I found myself adding a couple dollars to their plexiglass tip jar. The car looked great and the bugs were gone!

S. A.

Tu valoración: 1
Minneapolis, MN

We had a horrible experience. Paid for a $ 240 detail. Had to come back twice because they kept leaving it dirty in different places. Finally we just had to take the car still dirty, could not deal with these condescending, rude people any more. We are talking tiny spots, like the whole trunk, every cup holder, etc. They still charged me the full amount. I questioned paying full price and was screamed at and they threatened to keep my car. My kids were terrified, whoever was in charge was very intimidating and my poor daughter was in tears. Crazy people. Do not go there! Taking my dirty car elsewhere.

Christopher B.

Tu valoración: 1
Chicago, IL

Gerring’s ruined our car.
We took our VW New Beetle to Gerring’s to have it detailed, but when we picked up the car it wouldn’t start. Apparently the car stopped working midday, after they cleaned the engine, but no one let me until I went to pick it up late afternoon.
Gerring’s said they would fix it and be responsible for it, since the problem arose when they were cleaning the engine. A nearby gas station mechanic got it running for a couple hours — until it quit again, after I got it home. After that initial repair (which Gerring’s paid for) didn’t stick, Gerring’s changed their story: they claim the car is older (which it is), so they don’t know whether it was a problem they caused… even though the car hasn’t had problems for several years, and it was running fine when they began cleaning it.
At this point it’s been five weeks: they won’t return my calls, the car isn’t repaired, and I’m out hundreds of dollars. The Beetle is a car we use only on weekends, which is why we’ve kept it even though it’s older. But now I have to either spend a lot of money to fix it, or lose a lot by replacing it. Adding it all up, getting my car washed at Gerring’s cost the original $ 260, plus a $ 20 tip (given before I tried to start the car), plus hundreds (or even thousands) in repair bills or lost trade-​in value.

Candace V.

Tu valoración: 4
Minneapolis, MN

Quick, thorough service every time. Even with a long line of cars in front of me, the wait time is manageable. I never feel rushed to make a decision on my level of service & feel comfortable taking a moment to ask questions.
The car entrance needs to be better marked with directional arrows.

Sue S.

Tu valoración: 2
Golden Valley, MN

Here’s what I liked about Gerrings: My car wash was pretty good. I was very satisfied with the level of cleanliness, especially given that my car was pretty much caked with road salt and other nasty stuff from the recent winter weather. There weren’t any streaks on my windows or my mirrors. All of the trash had been removed from the car and the interior wiped and vacuumed properly. In all, I thought it was a quality wash.
Here’s what I didn’t like: the people. This was my first visit to this business, and it was dark by the time I got there. I wasn’t sure how the system worked (ie, do you pull in on the front side or the back, where do you actually get out of your car, etc). As such, I pulled in around back and sat there like a fool for several minutes. A couple of the guys gave me weird looks and one finally kind of vaguely pointed in the general direction of the front of the business. So I got turned around and drove back around front till I found the proper place. The gentleman who greeted me wasn’t very friendly. When I said I wanted just a basic wash and interior clean, he mumbled something at me and went off to write up a slip. Didn’t try to offer me any options and also didn’t try to sell me a more expensive package. A second guy then surprised me by opening my passenger door and starting to remove items from the floor of my car that were trash before I’d even gotten out of the car. I grabbed my purse, lest he think it was trash.
Finally, guy number one returned with my little slip and then leaned in and said, «You probably want to roll your window up.» Thank you, jackass, I was planning on rolling my window up before sending my car off to be deluged in water and soapy things. It seemed really jerky and inappropriate, especially since I was obviously a first-​time customer and not used to their system. And I had rolled my window down to talk with the guy. Duh.
Inside, the attitude from the cashier was not much better, though slightly better. At least I got a cheerful hello from her. She rang me up without much notable happening. I got a few singles ready and noted the sign that said the tip box was over by the cashier. I went back over there and looked for it but didn’t see it. So I wound up not tipping, which is not my normal custom but was OK with me since I was not feeling very friendly about the customer service I received.
So this is a conflicted review. The wash was fine. Good, in fact. But I really felt like all the employees were disinterested on the verge of being rude, and some employees were really not very nice. There is no reason, in my opinion, for snarky comments when the customer is clearly already confused and not sure of how things are supposed to work. If the goal is to make people feel welcomed and comfortable, that does not do the trick for me. Not sure I’ll be back. And at $ 15, my very nice wash was probably worth it (my car was really dirty) but more expensive than other places we’ve gone in the past.

Claire B.

Tu valoración: 1
Wayzata, MN

I brought my car in for a wash that I had literally just bought 26 hours prior. Everything was intact on the vehicle, no damage whatsoever (documented!). I got an exterior only wash, just the basic wash. My license plate was hanging by one screw when it came out of the line, so I chalked that up to perhaps the dealership putting the plates on in haste. I got home and a couple of hours later my husband noticed that the middle brake light on the top middle of the trunk cover was damaged (half of the red lens was missing). It’s part of the light itself, and on a Mercedes, this is not a cheap replacement! I went back to the car wash and brought this to their attention, as this is factory-​standard equipment. They treated me like some sort of idiot, and claimed that there was absolutely nothing in the car wash that could have caused the damage. Well, I wasn’t anywhere else, and it didn’t happen at home, so there’s no other way it could have happened. They were dismissive to me. I pointed out that there are human beings that work in their car wash, any of which could have been responsible for the damage. No relief, nothing. Just treated me like I was a stupid woman. This is not the first time they did me wrong– a year prior I brought my SUV in and they sent me home with someone else’s floor mats in the back seat, which I didn’t notice until I got home. No relief for that either. I definitely will never go back again and I recommend that you avoid them. If you do go, inspect your car before AND after your wash before you leave their place of business. They will not treat you right if they damage your property.

David C.

Tu valoración: 1
Waconia, MN

11/​3/​2013 – very poor job washing my car. You can tell there isn’t much competition in the area by the lackluster easy the staff washes the cars. I’m new in town, transplant from Los Angeles, so I watched ad my car was «washed». The staff half-​heartedly wiped my car down, & seemed as if the car washing was interrupting their conversation. I paid for the“works plus”, but there was no tire dressing or simonizing as was shown on the price list. The outside was acceptable, but the inside & windows were still dirty & streaked.
The young girl behind the counter was busily reading a magazine, with her feet up on the counter, when I entered. I made my way over to grab a soda our of the refrigerated section in the corner, & she didn’t even look up. When I went to pay, she asked me if the soda was, «from here». I could’ve easily lied & gotten a free bottle of soda, but I’m honest, & said yes & paid for it. That was pretty much ALL she said to me. Poor customer service!

James p.

Tu valoración: 3
Wayzata, MN

Very underwhelming for $ 26.00 plus tax for my truck. Many owners like me take a towel every time and wipe down our vehicles. If it wasn’t close to home, I’d never go there. They don’t know one thing about customer service, ZERO. I would say its worth ½ of what they charge. I don’t want to hurt them so I’m giving them a charity 3 stars.

Josh A.

Tu valoración: 5
Minneapolis, MN

Hands down the BEST car wash in the Twin Cities. Their customer service is impecable, but more importantly your car actually gets totally clean. It’s a bit of a drive for me from where I live, but it’s WELL worth it.
Prices are fair, they could certainly run specials to help lower the prices, but since it’s always so busy, why would they?
I’m a big fan. Check them out.

Greg S.

Tu valoración: 5
Minneapolis, MN

Way better than your average car wash. It can cost more for the works but an exterior wash is very reasonable.

Brad C.

Tu valoración: 3
Osseo, MN

They do a nice job on the wash and interior wipe down but instead of just raising their rates they are calling an outback a truck or SUV and charging the extra premium. Be ware if you have roof racks it is a SUV in their mind
It is just the principal charge what you need or adjust your rate sheet Dont cheat

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