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Food Service Worker Reviews at Kwik Trip


Food Service Worker

| Oconto, WI |

Jul 14, 2020

What’s good is really good, but what’s bad is awful

In looking at the many reviews on here, they are pretty accurate. There are some great things. You get a year end bonus and a gift in December. You get a free gift on your first, third, fifth, and other anniversaries. The company gives you a gift card on your birthday. You get a bonus for referring someone who gets employed and stays with the company for 90 days. You also get gift cards for random things like good scores on secret shops, your store doing well in area competitions, and so on. Generally, our guests are friendly. All in all, it’s good pay for a second income or first job. I like that, once I’m done, my shift is over. I don’t take anything home to keep working on like I do with my teaching job.However, depending on management and coworkers, it can be a nightmare. If you’re sick, you are expected to find your replacement. If you have a generous store leader, they will help AFTER you have called everyone in your store. If not, you also need to call other stores. We’ve had people go to the emergency room and still get told to find their own replacement. Managers will schedule you outside your availability to see if you’ll say anything, and if you do, you’re already on the schedule, so it’s your responsibility to get it covered. There is a lot of turn over, and the hiring process is long, so getting replacements is not fast. (I put two weeks from application to start date, but it was more like three.) People will no call, no show, or leave their shift in the mid

ProsFree coffee, cappuccino, soda, or slushy while on shift, bonuses, anniversary gifts, occasional gift cards for birthdays and store competitions, somewhat flexible in that you can request days off or mostly set your hours

ConsYou’re not going to get a break, Those who work hard are asked to do more, those who don’t aren’t asked to leave, only moderately flexible


Food Service Worker

| Rockford, MN |

Jun 15, 2021

Overnights are a death sentence

If you work an overnight, expect to not have a social life, family life, or good sleep or good health ever again. If you have a Store Leader only seems to care about the scores on the company then I sincerely apologize and advise you get another job, or at least transfer. Maybe it's better on days or at other stores, but I'm not staying to find out.The environment is do more with less people. From what I have heard of day shifts, working in the kitchen is awful. Chicken and kitchen seems to be what makes people quit the most. The company leaders always adds more and more, but not more hours OR people to supplement for added work. There's only so many hours that a store is allotted and you're not allowed overtime unless you are an SL, ASL, FSL, or GSL. Turnover is higher than the leaders want to admit.As an added bonus, there's not much room to move up. Store Leader is likely the highest you can get to, and that's after years of working. Anything higher than SL is gridlocked and the company board is literally just the founder's family plus one outsider.

ProsBenefits are better than having nothing

ConsToxicity, short breaks, little to no advancement, unrealistic expectations, poor work life balance


Was good until management change

I wanted to work on the floor as a guest service coworker but they constantly put me into the kitchen I specifically didn’t want to be in the kitchen. I could never take a break because I was doing everything by myself in kitchen the entire shifts I’ve worked there. I was able to bare with it because of my previous supervisor was amazing and everything was great. Great environment and culture. I had a lot of fun with the crew. But when my supervisor went to further his career, a new supervisor took his place. At first everything seemed fine. Until things became slowly terrible. Our new supervisor has double standards that affects us all. She does not work with the schedules that we all have for preferability. She tells us that we’re not doing our jobs, but she goes around and talk with others like it’s high school. I like this company and will still like to continue it. But management and negligence will be the downfall for this store if she doesn’t listen to the coworkers and our requests.

ProsSomewhat decent pay and benefits

ConsManagement, work culture terrible, no breaks if you’re food service


Food Service Worker

| Lakeville, MN |

Jun 29, 2021

The Worst job I ever had

I worked at Kwik Trip for over a year. When I was hired initially, I was told after 3 months I would be promoted to a Lead. I never once got a promotion. Instead I was forced in the Kitchen and that is where I stayed for 13 months. I tried going for the kitchen lead position and I was given all of these "tests" yet I was never really even considered. They did go behind my back and give it to the new girl though. Management always left early, was never helpful and the Evening ASL was the worst. He made me cry several times. The work environment overall is very toxic and managers have their favorites. I had went to other management several times about the evening ASL and nothing was ever done. Kwik Trip looks good on paper but I can assure you, it is not the best. They start firing people randomly in October to avoid having to pay the yearly bonus. I have known several people who quit right after the bonus check is given out because they want the money they worked for. There are some stores that might be nice to work at but not the ones in lakeville for sure.

Prosnot much

Constoo many


Food Service Worker

| Minnesota |

Feb 28, 2021

Good and bad

Overall, I think Kwik Trip, Inc. is a great company to work for; however, there are a couple drawbacks. People working anything under 8 hours get a 15 minute break and anything over 8 hours is a 20 minute break. Employees cannot clock out on their breaks because they're expected to go back out front and help if they get too busy. Workers get discounts on meat and take home meals that are getting ready to come off the shelves, and a discount on the car wash prices. Employees are allowed one free piece of fruit on their break. the hardest part of this job is dealing with all stress because they're always adding new products without any extra help. They have very high expectations their employees. The best part about working for Kwik Trip, Inc. is the other coworkers and the the flexibility they gave me when I was going to school. They were always willing to work around my school schedule which was a huge relief to me.

Prosgreat coworkers, discounts on meat

ConsShort breaks, little help in kitchen, stressful


Food Service Worker

| Rochester, MN |

Feb 18, 2019

Fast Paced place to work, decent benefits, and flexible schedules.

I do almost the same thing every day I work. That includes clocking in, getting to the kitchen and start preparing food for the hotspot. We always try to maintain fully stocked hotspots at all times. Since I started working for Kwik Trip, I've learned how to communicate with others and how to work efficiently. I've also learned how to clean and follow proper sanitation in the workplace. I'd say the hardest part of the job for me has been keeping up with the fast paced nature of working in the kitchen. When we get our rushes, trying to make sure there is enough food at all times gets difficult. The most enjoyable I'd say is working with people who are fun and get the job done, along with being able to help people that need it. Overall I would say Kwik Trip is a pretty good place to work.

ProsFlexible schedule

ConsShort staffed


Food Service Worker

| Wisconsin |

Mar 6, 2020

It's a pretty great company to work for.

For the most part I love Kwik Trip and really trying to make it work. Great Benefits, a yearly bonus to look forward to for all workers, the ability to give phenomenal work/life flexibility because of the use of Kronos.My only issue with Kwik Trip is if there is work conflict, your only option is to deal with it even if the coworker is horrible, or good luck transferring. There is work politics involved especially in management and it does not help living in the typical small town. I would not ask to let this affect your motivation for applying though, as I also feel my situation may be not so common. If you deal with anything having to do with contacting HR, recruiters, etc; take specific notes, times, names. Do not always go by a person's word, verify with anyone involved. Because there can be ALOT of miscommunication.


Work is way too hard/bad leadership

Very high expectations for a convenient store. Every leader I’ve met doesn’t know how to treat you like a human being. In fact they’re often very rude and entitled. There are always new leaders coming through and treating you like you’re stupid. Store leaders are too busy to actually care about you so you are usually on your own when you have a problem. Also the system for getting shifts covered is really frustrating. Not to mention you don’t even get a 30 minute break. 20 minutes for 8 hours, 10 for every 4 hours.

ProsBig Yearly bonus check, decent food

ConsTough work, managers don’t care, very short breaks, expected to get your own shifts covered when you call in sick


Food Service Worker

| Iowa |

Feb 21, 2022

Frustrating work environment

At my store, I try my hardest to help around. Lately I’ve been getting scolded for leaving later because I’m stuck with cleaning up oh my own. The other kitchen employee gets irritated and would say “I have too much to do” if I ask for help in the last 30 minutes. It’s also hard to keep calm when that same person is allowed to get into a female worker’s face aggressively because he’s told everyone has work and needs to work together. It’s also difficult to have a good work environment when people disappear for over half an hour.

ProsYearly bonus

ConsPoor management, poor choices of employees


Food Service Worker

| Stanley, WI |

Aug 5, 2021

Productive, meaningful, fun place to work.

If you're friendly, productive, honest, and not one to wait to be told what to do, then this is a job for you. However, If you're one that tends to stand around and finger your phone, or wait for someone to tell you to get to work, or have someone else do what you can do, then perhaps this isn't the job for you.

ProsProfessional managers, fun yet busy atmosphere, good benefits, great profit share and bonuses, competitive pay

ConsIt's a job where you work with other people, so there will be small issues, but nothing serious.

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