Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (2022)

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Richard Gere and his wife Alejandra Silva have welcomed not just one healthy baby boy into the world, but two sons. The couple's first child, Alexander Gere, was born in February of 2019, while in August of 2020, the couple had their second son together, whose name is still not publicly known so far.

As well as these two sons Gere has with Silva, the 71-year-old actor also has another son from a previous relationship. Gere's firstborn son with former partner Carey Lowell, Homer, is now 21and hasinherited his father's good looks and charm. We're really seeing the striking resemblance that Homer bears to his famous dad.

Early Life And Career

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (1) Richard Gere (1979), (Keystone/Getty Images)

Richard Gere is known for his charming ways, after all, he was one of Hollywood's leading heartthrobs in the '80s and '90s. Born on August 31, 1949, Gere was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania but grew up in Syracuse, New York. According to a 2002 interview Gere did with 'Inside the Actor's Studio,' Gere's father —Homer George Gere — was an insurance agent, while his motherDoris Ann was a housewife. According to the 'General Society of Mayflower Descendants,'Gere is the descendent ofpilgrims that came to New England via the Mayflower:John and Elinor Billington and William and Mary Brewster.

Gere graduated from high school in 1967, where he was quite talented when it came to gymnastics and playing the trumpet. This talent even propelled him to having a gymnastics scholarship attheUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst, but after two years of gymnastics and majoring in philosophy, Gere did not continue at the university.

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (2)

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (3) Richard Gere, Stacey Gregg (1973), (Tom King/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

Only a short time after dropping out of college, Richard Gere got involved in theater. Gere got his acting start by appearing in theater productions in the late '60s and early '70s. He worked professionally for theSeattle Repertory Theatreas well as theProvincetown Playhousein Cape Cod, Rhode Island 1969. At the Provincetown Playhouse, he starred in 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.'

However, Richard Gere'sfirst major theater role was actually in the original London stage versionof the popular and belovedmusical 'Grease.'As the musical's Danny Zuko, Gere played a heartthrob character that he would go on to play in many other filmsthroughouthis career. He went on to receive a Theatre World Award in 1979 for his performance as a gay Holocaust victim in the play'Bent'before he began appearing mainly in movies.

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (4) Richard Gere (1989), (Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images)

After his big break in theater, Gere moved on to Hollywood. The 1980's film 'American Gigolo'propelled him to fame before he went onto star in 'An Officer and a Gentleman,''Internal Affairs,' and the iconic 'Pretty Woman.' In that time, he would earn two Golden Globe nominations for his acting work. Gere's character in 'American Gigolo' truly marked him as Hollywood's heartthrob. Gere played a high-priced male escort — Julian Kaye — in Los Angeles who gets involved in both romance and crime. The film put Gere on the map as a leading man in the film industry.

According to an interview with The Guardian, Gere said thatafter 'American Gigolo' his "life changed and it was both wonderful and difficult. [He] was young and suddenly people knew who [he] was. [He] just wanted to work."

Gere went on:

"I don't think of myself as 'rich and famous.' I'm just not interested in it."

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (5) Richard Gere, Julia Roberts (1990), (Touchstone Pictures/Silver Screen Partners IV/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis/Getty Images)

The '90s would see Gere continue his leading man streak, appearing in the thriller 'Primal Fear,' 'Runaway Bride'(which saw him reunite with Julia Roberts), and 'I'm Not There.' But it was his turn in 2002's 'Chicago' that pushed him back into the limelight.

When it comes to his acting career, Richard Gere told theIndependent in 2017:

“My career has never been thought out. I never engineered a career. I just have always done whatever I wanted. You’re restricted by what you’re offered… but the incredible list of brilliant directors and actors and writers I’ve worked with, you know I’m kind of amazed myself that I’ve been able to ride this career this long with such good people.”

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (6) Richard Gere (2007), (Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

In 1999, Richard Gere paired up again with Julia Roberts in the movie 'Runaway Bride.' Roberts played the bride-on-the-run while Gere played a columnist who eventually was tasked with writing about Roberts' character in order to revive his writing reputation. Roberts and Gere had such good chemistry in 'Pretty Women' that audiences and producers alike wanted them to do a film together yet again. Producer Tom Rosenbergtold the LA Timesabout reuniting Richard Gere and Julia Roberts:

"People have been trying to get them back together for nine years. And suddenly it happened—it was all settled in a week."

After playing the love interest in multiple theater productions and movies, it's to no surprise that Richard Gere's love life was just as interesting as the movies in which he was featured.

Richard Gere And Cindy Crawford

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (7) Richard Gere, Cindy Crawford (1991), (Dave Benett/Getty Images)

After his early successful movies in the 1980s,Gere met supermodelCindy Crawford, who would soon become his wife. Crawford wasinterviewedabout how just "talking" led to more and more meetings and dates. She would fall for the infectiously charming Gere and they'd continue dating for some time.

Soon after that, the couple was inseparable and blazed the hottest Hollywood scenes with paparazzi in tow. They both donned the most immaculate designs from across the globe as they conquered red carpet after red carpet. The two of them were one of Hollywood's power couples at the time. From magazine covers to enjoying the best events in NYC and LA, this exposure raised wedding questions. All over the world, fans and media were just waiting to hear the good news.

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (8) Richard Gere (2019), (Michael Kovac/Getty Images/Moet Chandon)

Come December 1991, the power couple chose to take a jet and fly to Las Vegas to wed, as shared byDaily Mail. Far from over-the-top, this small wedding only featured a few hand-picked guests of close friends and family members. Crawfordhas said it wasn't the wedding she "dreamed of"but their marriage worked for a while. Sadly, only four years later, the two would divorce, leaving many to wonder about the couple's age difference and whether it was a deciding factor in their split. Gere was 39 when he met a 22-year-old Cindy Crawford. Crawford later opened up toPeopleabout her marriage with Gere, explaining why she thinks it didn't work out, saying:

“I think part of the problem in our relationship was that we were a lot of other things, but I don’t know if we were ever friends—like peers, because I was young, and he was Richard Gere."

She went on to add that they didn't spend enough time together as a couple and getting to know each other, instead convincing themselves they could jet in from other sides of the world to see each other. Ultimately, this type of long-distance relationship took its toll on their union. Sadly, the two don't appear to be very close anymore, as she said in the same interview:

“We’re friendly, but I think it’s almost like he’s gone back to being, like, ‘Richard Gere’ again, like a stranger, because we don’t really see each other that much.”

Seven years after this short-lived marriage, Gere would be introduced to Homer's mother, actressCarey Lowell.

Welcoming His New Baby Homer

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (9) Carey Lowell, Richard Gere (1996), (Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

During February 2000, Gere and Lowell would welcome their only child, Homer Gere, who was presumably named after Richard Gere's own father, who was also named Homer. Whileallegedly Gere was reluctant to have children with Crawford, things were different when he met Lowell. Lowell, who was already with a child from a prior relationship, would never speak of any issue in regard to starting a family with Gere. Stating it was “spontaneous” and “right” during a report to The Guardian in 2002, things seemed to be on the up and up.Gere said in the interview:

“It was actually quite simple. I never had an issue about children one way or the other. With Carey, she had a child from a previous marriage, and it was just a natural thing, caring for this child, having our own child. It was totally spontaneous and right."

Being raised primarily in New York City, Homer would be given the name Jigme in adherence to what Richard Gere lived by in regard to human rights. A Tibetan name, this would show the world that this would indeed become a special bond.

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (10) Richard Gere (2015), (Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images)

The Guardian asked Gere about ways that fatherhood could spark change within a man, and he responded, stating:

"The marginal stuff just doesn't affect you any more when you weigh it against the real things in your life. All the cliches [about parenthood] are true."

Citing his own father, Homer Gere as his inspiration in becoming a compassionate dad to his children, Richard Gere said at the 2019 City Harvest Festival Gala, as reported by Closer Weekly:

"If he didn’t have money, it was a smile or an embrace or whatever he had to help out, and that was around me the whole time I was growing up."

Homer Gere, the younger, was thrust into the limelight at an early age, as both of his parents were famous celebrities whose children always face much scrutiny and press coverage. Much was written of his parents' split in 2013, as Gere and Lowell chose to go separate ways. Homer was thrust into the spotlight again due to an ongoing custody battle between his parents before their messy divorce was finalized in 2016. But it wouldn't be the last time Richard Gere would find love, or even become a father. After meeting Spanish activistAlejandra Silva, Gere would get married one more time in April 2018, and not long after that, he and Silva welcomed two children of their own into the world.

Homer's Siblings

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (11) Homer Gere, Richard Gere (2012), (James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images)

Hannah Dunneis the sister that many may not even know of. She is from her mother's prior relationship withThomas Griffin Dunne, who is himself an actor, producer, and director. Born on April 12, 1990, Hannah Dunne is ten years older than her little half-brother Homer. But having an older sister isn't the only sibling Homer was destined to have. After his father remarried to Alejandra Silva in April 2018, he would go on to have two more children—and all of them are sons!

In February 2019, Gere and Silva welcomed baby Alexander, their first child together. Then, just over a year later, the couple werereportedto have had a second son together, whose name still isn't known, as the couple has been very private with regards to their children. He was born in April 2020.

That places Homer right in the middle of his siblings age-wise—his sister Hannah is ten years older, while Homer is a big brother to his youngest two brothers by nearly two decades.

Homer’s Low Profile Lifestyle

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (12) Homer Gere, Richard Gere (2012), (James Devaney/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Unlike his superstar father, Homer would rather maintain a relatively low profile. While he is now living in NYC, he has been rewarded with the charm that his father Richard Gere is known for.In contrast to his father, Homer enjoys staying out of the spotlight, although he has made many public appearances with his parents over the years.

Homer Gere continues to spend time with his dad, and back in August 2019, hejoined his dad, Silva, and their first son Alexander on afamily holiday in Italy. While there, the youngerGere spent precious time with his dad working out with a personal trainer in the gardens of their Tuscan villa. The two seemed close and shared time chatting alongside their workout.

With his warm paternal inspirations coming from his own father, Richard Gere seems to be a caring and compassionate dad to all three of his children, and it's lovely to see them all spending time together as a family.

Richard Gere's Eldest Son, Homer, Inherited His Infectious Charm And Hunky Looks (13) Richard Gere, Alejandra Silva, Homer James Jigme Gere (2016), (Franco Origlia/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Do you think Richard Gere and Homer have a family resemblance? Did you know about all three of his children? Let us know your thoughts! And don't forget to pass this article alongto a friend!

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