Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (2023)

Richard Gere had a perfect “hero” father who taught him everything he knew. Although he started his family later in life, the actor did not only learn the principles but replicated them in his fatherhood journey. He remains thankful to his dad and even named his firstborn after him.

“Pretty Woman” Richard Gere may be one of the most successful Hollywood stars, but he came from an ordinary family. In a large family, the actor spent his childhood on a farm in Syracuse, NY.

His mom, Doris, was raised in Brooklyn, the same city she met her husband, Homer Gere. In 1945, the childhood lovers married and moved to North Syracuse to begin a family, which included their five kids.

Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (1)

Richard Gere and mother Doris Gere during 19th Annual American Museum of the Moving Image Benefit in New York City, New York, United States. | Source: Getty Images

Despite having a large family due to their kids, Richard, Susan, Joanne, David, and Laura, the couple raised them well, instilling enduring values.

Additionally, Doris, a housewife, and Homer, an insurance salesman, did not have much money, yet they struggled to give their kids the best education.

Richard credits his parents as real-life superheroes; they equipped him with the necessary needs to foster his creativity.

Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (2)

Richard Gere during the Magna Graecia Film Festival 2022 at Arena on August 05, 2022 in Catanzaro, Italy. | Source: Getty Images

According to the “Unfaithful” actor, his parents supported their inclinations; they employed teachers who nurtured their children’s skills. He admitted:

“We weren’t brought up with a lot of money, and the scraping it took to have an education and music teachers was an extraordinary thing.”

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Richard Is in Awe of His Dad
Despite not being born with a silver spoon, Richard appreciates his parents’ efforts. While recalling his childhood, during honors at the 2019 City Harvest Festival Gala Tuesday, the actor applauded his dad for being a good man, a principle passed down to him.

Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (3)

Homer Gere. | Source: On Wheels Central Texas

Richard explained that Homer never wanted anyone around him to suffer, even strangers. He claimed that the older Gere was primarily passionate and that he often showed up to relieve anybody, whatever the need was.

In May, Homer turned 100, and the actor staged an intimate birthday dinner in a Pasta Restaurant in their hometown.
According to the “Pretty Woman” star, whenever it concerned money, and Homer could not help out financially, he sought other means, be it a smile or a hug. But, in the back of his mind, he felt compelled to assist in any form.

Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (4)

Richard Gere speaks with the media during a press conference at the Magna Graecia Film Festival at Cittadella Regionale 2022 on August 05, 2022 in Catanzaro, Italy. | Source: Getty Images

The onscreen legend added that his dad launched a Meals-On-Wheels in his hometown, which he became dedicated to for the rest of his life.

He explained that Homer preferred a “cheeseball car because the trunk was the right height for him to get the meals in to take around to his neighbors, so he didn’t have to bend over.”

Meals-On-Wheels America is a non-profit organization that provides for thousands of communities through different programs across the country. The first of its kind was founded in the 1950s in Philadelphia.

Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (5)

Richard Gere attendsthe Motherfatherson photocall as part of the MIPCOM 2018 on October 15, 2018 in Cannes, France. | Source: Getty Images

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There is a lot of volunteering, including delivering nutritious foods, friendly visits, and safety checks directed toward American seniors, facilitating independent and dignified living.

While sharing a heart-to-heart conversation with his aged father, Richard asked what inspired him to become a Meals-On-Wheels volunteer. Homer said:

“There was kind of an abandoned house, that’s where we got started with Meals-On-Wheels. We kind of fill the need for people as they got older. When you can feel somebody else benefitting by your life in some way, you can’t help but feel good about it, I think.”

Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (6)

Actor Richard Gere at the ‘Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer’ premiere at the Callao cinema on May 31, 2017 in Madrid, Spain. | Source: Getty Images

In response, Richard revealed that he only became a supporter of the programs because his dad inspired him. Homer set an excellent example for his son, who also longed to be a great dad. However, kids did not show up early for the actor until his 50s.

Richard’s Journey to Fatherhood
Richard’s first marriage to his model, Cindy Crawford, was short-lived. During his second attempt at love, he fell for the former Bond actress, Carey Lowell, who was twelve years his junior.

Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (7)

Richard Gere, Cary Lowell and son Homer Gere attend the hit musical “Hair” on Broadway at The Al Hirshfeld Theater on March 14, 2010 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

His age never mattered; for Richard, it was better late than never. The talented TV star, who started dating Lowell in 1996, did not share many details of their romance until their marriage.

The “Unfaithful” star gushed about their relationship, explaining that they were ready to take it a step further. Although Lowell had a daughter from a previous marriage, it did not matter to him. Richard told Dailymail:

“She’s changed my life. And marriage does have a meaning. If you do it from your heart. It is a milestone for us both.”

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Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (8)

Actor Richard Gere and his son Homer at the New York Subway Series game between the Mets and Yannkees at Citi Field on June 26, 2009 in New York, New York. | Source: Getty Images

But before deciding to walk down the aisle in an intimate wedding, the couple had already welcomed a son, Homer Gere II. Richard became a father at 50 and named his firstborn after his dad.

The actor was ecstatic as he began his journey to fatherhood, it had been greatly anticipated, so when it eventually happened, he became dedicated to the course.

While speaking about his son, he mentioned that his mini-me is “the joy of my life. He loves music, is a fast runner, and is very smart. Very funny. He quickly learned irony, wonderful quality for any human being.”

Richard never tired of being a dad, but his loving marriage to Lowell soon hit the rocks after over a decade. In 2012, the former Bond girl filed for divorce, citing their difference in lifestyle as the major reason.

According to various sources, Richard craved privacy and serenity while his second wife loved partying. The insider revealed, “they have a place in Bedford [NY], and he likes it because it’s quiet and he likes the solitude. She likes being in North Haven in the limelight.”

The duo subscribed to equal custody of their son, but it was a brawl settling over the divorce settlement. It took four years of court visits before they finally agreed.

Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (9)

Richard Gere, his son Homer James Jigme Gere and a friend at Giffoni Film Festival photocall on July 22, 2014 in Giffoni Valle Piana, Italy. | Source: Getty Images

However, legal representatives from both sides refused to comment on the agreement. Even though his marriage did not last forever, Richard held unto his family principles.

In 2015, he explained that his son remains his priority and that if the young man does not approve a project, he refuses it. To him, “family is more important than anything.”

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Before the interview, Richard had already found love again, this time in the arms of a Spanish activist, Alejandra Silva.

Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (10)

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva attend the Starlite Porcelanosa Gala 2022 at La Cantera on August 14, 2022 in Marbella, Spain. | Source: Getty Images

Moving forward, the pair expanded their family. In 2019, the actor welcomed baby number two, a second son named Alexander. The following year, another son joined the sweet family.

Richard Is Still a Sweet Son
Despite the various stages he has gone through in life, including marriages and fatherhood, as well as dedication to his family, Richard remains loyal to his dad, Homer.

Throughout the years, he considered him an “idol” and often spent time driving around and visiting people while supporting the patriarch’s Meals-On-Deals programs. In 2010, the acting legend said:

“He has always been my hero.”

Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father (11)

Richard Gere and his father, Homer George Gere at the “Three Christs” premiere – 2017 TIFF – Premieres, Photo Calls and Press Conferences held on September 14, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. | Source: Getty Images

Homer continues to show his passion for helping people, despite his age. Also, he never allowed his loneliness to stop his drive for compassion; Doris died at age 91 in North Syracuse, making her husband a widower.

Indeed, Richard is the son many would wish for. He has remained glued to his dad, helping and supporting him in any way while celebrating him simultaneously.

In May 2022, Homer turned 100, and the actor staged an intimate birthday dinner in a Pasta Restaurant in their hometown.

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The duo spent the evening with other well-wishers who appeared excited to mark such a milestone with the Meals-On-Deals volunteer. Richard’s bond with his dad proves how much the actor respects the elderly’s sacrifices and commitment.

Like the 100-year-old, he is sure to pass down the same relationship to his offspring; after all, he believes family is everything.


Did Richard Gere's dad started Meals on Wheels? ›

Gere, 69, shared that his dad started a Meals-on-Wheels in his hometown that “became a passion for the rest of his life,” and that he insisted on buying a “cheeseball car because the trunk was the right height for him to get the meals in to take around to his neighbors so he didn't have to bend over.”

Who was Richard Gere's father? ›

Richard Tiffany Gere was born in Philadelphia on August 31, 1949, the eldest son and second child of housewife Doris Ann (née Tiffany; 1924–2016) and NMIC insurance agent Homer George Gere (born May 7, 1922). His father originally intended to become a minister. Gere was raised Methodist in Syracuse, New York.

How old is Richard Gere's son Homer? ›

How old is Richard Gere's son Homer? He is 22 years as of January 2023. He celebrates his birthday on 6 February and was born in 2000.

Who did Richard Gere have a child with? ›

Richard Gere

Did Richard Gere have a child at 70? ›

Richard Gere just had his second baby at age 70 with his wife Alejandra Silva. The letter F.

Does Richard Gere own a restaurant? ›

Bedford Post Inn in Bedford is co-owned by Richard Gere. The charming property is home to an eight-room luxury inn, a yoga studio and two distinct restaurants serving sustainable locally grown farm-to-table fare.

What was the age difference between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts? ›

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are 18 years apart in real life. They were 40 and 22 years old at the time of filming.

Is Richard Gere A Vegan? ›

As well as meditation techniques, Gere is a strict vegetarian.

Did Richard Gere and Julia Roberts get along? ›

Julia Roberts And Richard Gere Are Lifelong Friends

Behind the scenes, they are great friends. The List reports that, despite the fact that the two haven't appeared in a movie together since Runaway Bride in 1999, they have maintained their friendship.

What does Richard Gere's son do? ›

Richard Gere

How tall is Richard Gere and Julia Roberts? ›

Is Julia Roberts taller than Richard Gere? No, she's not. Her height is believed to be around 5ft 8 (172.7 cm), which makes her shorter than Richard Gere but taller than the average American woman. Richard Gere was around 5ft 10 (177.8 cm) when he starred in the 1990 American romantic comedy film Pretty Woman.

How old is Richard Gere and what is he worth? ›

Gere had established himself as a successful actor by 1979. He became the first actor to play a gay Holocaust victim in 'Bent. ' In 1980, he earned America's favorite sex symbol when he starred in 'American Gigolo.
Net Worth:$120 Million
Born:August 31, 1949
Height:1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
3 more rows
Jan 11, 2023

Does Julia Roberts have a biological daughter? ›

Together, they have three children: twins, a daughter and a son, born in November 2004, and another son born in June 2007.

How long did Cindy Crawford date Richard Gere? ›

"I was with Richard for, like, six years, but I was only married for two years." The supermodel was 26 when she tied the knot with the then 42-year-old Gere in 1991. The couple officially split four years later, in 1995.

How many biological kids does Richard Gere have? ›

Gere is a biological father to three children and a stepdad to one.

Who is the oldest actor to have a child? ›

Since 1962, Charlie Chaplin, the iconic comedic actor, held a little-known title in Hollywood as the oldest famous guy to become a father.

Who is the oldest baby actress? ›

Kelly Preston - Quite possibly the oldest celebrity to have a baby, John Travolta's wife welcomed a son at age 47.

How old was Clint Eastwood when he had his last baby? ›

He was about 67 years old then.

Does Richard Gere still own the Bedford Post? ›

The Bedford Post offers infinite ways to relax, including yoga courses, as well as more terrestrial delights in its gourmet restaurant The Barn. Unique in the world: This historic residence dating back to the 1780s now belongs to Richard Gere. Based on 52 Relais & Châteaux certified reviews.

Does Rachael Ray own her own restaurant? ›

In 1996, Rachael Ray began managing her first restaurant, a pub called Mister Brown's on New York's Lake George.

How much did Richard Gere sell his house for? ›

The mystery buyer who snapped up the actor's Pound Ridge estate in Westchester County was none other than Ryan Murphy, the prolific television creator, the New York Post reported. Last listed in October by Gere at $28 million, the property sold for $24.1 million, a 14 percent discount.

Who turned down the role in Pretty Woman? ›

The filmmakers had a lot of trouble finding ANYone to play the role of Vivian, as she existed in the script for 3000. Michelle Pfeiffer and Daryl Hannah both turned it down, as well, with the idea being that it was just too dark.

What is the age gap in Pretty Woman? ›

Pretty Woman (1990)

In real life, Julia Roberts was just 22 at the time of the film's release, while her leading man, Richard Gere, was 40 years old.

Does Julia Roberts have a set of twins? ›

The actress shares twins Phinneas and Hazel, 18, plus son Henry, 15, with husband Danny Moder.

Is Oprah Winfrey vegan? ›

Oprah Winfrey is probably one of the meat industry's least favorite people. In 1996 she invited former cattleman Howard Lyman onto her show. Despite the fact that she currently eats a non-vegetarian diet, Oprah Winfrey has done more than nearly anyone else in the media to publicize the benefits of veganism.

Is William Shatner vegan? ›

Shatner is a vegetarian.

Is Ellen Degeneres vegan or vegetarian? ›

She eats a mostly vegan diet apart from some free-range eggs provided by a neighbor. Her popular television show often features vegan guests discussing health issues or promoting cookbooks, and Ellen is never shy about talking up the benefits of plant-based eating.

Did they use a body double in Pretty Woman? ›

Shelley Michelle, Roberts's body double in the film, was the one striking a pose; Roberts's head was later superimposed.

Are Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts friends? ›

Another longtime friend and costar, Julia Roberts, loves that she can always count on him for genuine enthusiasm. “What doesn't change about Tom, he is as happy and excited as ever.

Why did they use a body double in Pretty Woman? ›

Michelle says she doubled in the early Pretty Woman scenes for Roberts, who played a hooker, because the camera canvassed the character's body extremely closely.

How many children does Richard Gere have with his new wife? ›

actor announced in August 2018 that they were expecting their first child together. Son Alexander was born in February 2019. Nearly one year later, the publicist gave birth to another baby boy. The couple's second child together, whose name has not been publicly shared, was born in April 2020.

Did Richard Gere have a new baby? ›

Gere and Silva welcomed Alexander back in April 2020. It's their second child together. They welcomed their first child, a boy, back in February 2019.

Why is Richard Gere's middle name Tiffany? ›

Trivia (1) David says that Richard Gere's middle name is Tiffany, which it really is. His middle name is based on his mother's maiden name.

Does Julia Roberts have a Southern accent? ›

Julia Roberts was born Oct. 28, 1967, in Smyrna, Ga. One of her best-known early roles put her Southern accent to good use portraying Shelby Eatenton Latcherie in "Steel Magnolias." She was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the role.

Did Julia Roberts wear a wig? ›

In the film, Roberts played a world-famous world actress, and, in one of her roles, as an astronaut in the faux film Helix, she wore the bob wig. For some reason, Roberts hung onto the hairpiece, and elected to recycle it for her new role.

How much did Julia Roberts twins weigh at birth? ›

Although they were not due until January, Julie Robert's and husband Danny's twins arrived early on November 28, 2004. Phinnaeus and Hazel weighed just over 5 pounds each, and there were no complications.

Why is Edward Norton worth so much? ›

He is an actor with a net worth of $310 million in 2023. He has several income sources, including movie salary, profit sharing, and endorsement deals. However, most of his wealth comes from his intelligent business investments throughout his career.

How much is Tom Cruise worth and how old is he? ›

Tom Cruise net worth is around $620 Million and he is one of the greatest and richest American actors and producers. Tom Cruise is also counted among the highest-paid actors around the world.

Did Martin Luther King pay for Julia Roberts birth? ›

The world is finally learning a thrilling fact about Julia Roberts' birth, exactly 55 years later: It was paid for by Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. The connection between the two families wasn't necessarily a secret, but it resurfaced in a big way just before Roberts' Oct.

What does a low Vera mean? ›

Shortly after the split, Julia was famously photographed out in LA wearing a homemade t-shirt that read "A Low Vera," a play on words that was seemingly alluding to Vera's unwillingness to grant Danny a divorce so he and Julia could get married.

How old was Julia Roberts when she had her last baby? ›

Henry was born Monday in Los Angeles. He weighed 8 1/2 pounds, said Roberts' publicist, Marcy Engelman. "All of the Moders are doing great," Engelman said in a statement. Roberts, 39, and her husband, 38-year-old cinematographer Danny Moder, have 2-year-old twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus.

What is Cindy Crawford IQ? ›

Also with an IQ of 154, Cindy Crawford, the highest paid model of the 1990s didn't end up completing her university degree due to pursuing a full time modelling career but she previously gained a scholarship to study chemical engineering (with mathematics) at Northwestern University.

How old was Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford when they got married? ›

Though there was a significant age gap (Gere was 39 to Crawford's 22 at the time they were introduced), they got serious quickly. And they headed to the altar four years later. The 1991 ceremony in Las Vegas included the exchange of foil rings, a move InStyle calls “very confusing” for such monied celebrities.

Does Richard Gere get along with Julia Roberts? ›

Julia Roberts And Richard Gere Are Lifelong Friends

Behind the scenes, they are great friends. The List reports that, despite the fact that the two haven't appeared in a movie together since Runaway Bride in 1999, they have maintained their friendship.

Did Richard Gere and Julia Roberts date? ›

Though they had great onscreen chemistry, Julia and Richard never explored a real-life romance.

Is Richard Gere religious? ›

After studying Zen for five or six years, he and Brazilian painter Sylvia Martins traveled in 1978 to Nepal, where he met many Tibetan monks and lamas. He then met the 14th Dalai Lama in India and became a practicing Tibetan Buddhist (specifically of the Gelugpa school) and an active supporter of the Dalai Lama.

Who began Meals on Wheels? ›

In March 1957 Sydney City Council started Meals on Wheels in NSW.

Who started Meals on Wheels in America? ›

Meals on Wheels People was founded in 1969 by three caring women, Jean Wade, Martha Shull and Cay Kreiger, who saw a need in the community that was not being met.

How did Meals on Wheels begin? ›

The Meals on Wheels Community Services project was founded in 1964 by Doctor Denis Baird. In light of the severe need amongst the aging community in East London (South Africa), Dr. Baird launched a fund-raising project aimed at financing the first-ever Meals on Wheels delivery vehicle.

How did Meals from the Heartland start? ›

The inspiration for the Meals from the Heartland effort began with a 2007 food-packaging event held during Lent by a church in West Des Moines, Iowa. The success of that event encouraged leaders to organize a community-wide food-packaging event that would involve more volunteers to feed hungry children and families.

Who is the largest donor to Meals on Wheels? ›


Who started 30 Minute meals? ›

Mark Dissin

Why did Meals on Wheels stop? ›

Some of them it's because the local authorities have gone out to tender and commercial companies have come into that space and taken those services. "In other cases, because of all the pressures on the finances of local authorities, they've decided that they aren't going to actually continue with these contracts.

Is Meals on Wheels religious? ›

False, though many religious organizations support the work of Meals on Wheels programs in a variety of ways. Your own religious affiliation has no bearing on your ability to receive Meals on Wheels.

When did American portions get so big? ›

In the 1970s, the government began subsidizing farmers to grow more food. Over time, companies have increased their serving sizes to increase their profits, and we all caught on.

Why does Meals on Wheels exist? ›

Meals on Wheels provides a nutritionally balanced meal to frail, aged people, people with a disability, and their carers. The service is not means tested. Meals on Wheels enables people to be independent in their own homes for longer. Most people prefer to live at home, but in many cases they need support to do this.

Are Meals on Wheels still available in Scotland? ›

You can have meals delivered to you at home if you find it hard to shop for food or prepare meals for yourself. The service is sometimes called 'meals on wheels'.

How many employees does Meals on Wheels have? ›

Meals On Wheels' headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN 400007. Meals On Wheels has an estimated 46 employees and an estimated ...

How many wheels are in the world? ›

To the question “how many wheels are there in the world?”, it is estimated to be 37 million in total. Although, the number is just an estimation and not exact.

Did Amy wear her own wedding dress on Heartland? ›

Heartland on CBC

Amber Marshall as Amy looked great, wearing her own wedding dress for her character's wedding.

Why did the first Katie leave Heartland? ›

They switched Katie on Heartland because the actresses could no longer stay on the show. Julia Baker had to leave for personal reasons, while Ziya Matheson made up her own mind about leaving.

Why did they remove the from Heartland? ›

That is, Graham Wardle, who plays Ty Borden, will no longer be returning to the series. Graham Wardle decided to leave Heartland to explore other areas of life. After being on the show for 14 seasons, Wardle felt it was time to move on from acting and dedicate more time to his own projects.


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